Worldwide specialist for water drainage in surface and underground mining.

We are specialists in water drainage for surface and underground mining and a joint venture partner of Andritz Ritz, the inventor of the submersible motor pump. At RITZ Pumps SA, we build and install site-specific acid mine drainage (AMD) dewatering pump solutions.

“There is nothing quite like our current ‘pumps-as-turbines’ (PAT). For more than 100 years, our Austrian/German-designed pumps have been synonymous with competence and innovation in centrifugal pump design. Not only do these products offer superior robustness and wear resistance for maximum efficiency, lifecycles and ease of maintenance, they can also be used as turbines. That means that the pumps are not only useful in industry, small hydropower plants and for supplying municipal drinking water – they can also be used to supply electricity and empower communities

                                   Seth Phalatse, CHAIRMAN

About Ritz Pumps

RITZ Pumps South Africa is a water drainage specialist in surface and underground mining, and a joint venture partner of the inventor of the submersible motor pump, Andritz Ritz.

Our Technology

One of the critical requirements for trouble-free extraction operations is pumping the accumulated mine water out of the working area. Mine operators from across the world rely on submersible motor pumps from RITZ Pumps to carry out this important task.

Products & Services

The Ritz Pumps range of products and services include Hydraulic Power Generation solutions and our Submersible Range, Dry-installed Horizontal Pumps, Mini Hydro Range.

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